Spaghetti Western

Shoot In Any Direction And You'll Hit A Bastard is a short that uses the characters and mythology, as well as the production values and aesthetic styling, intended for the proposed feature Fist Of Guanto. What you see is exactly what we want you to get.

Rather than paying homage, the films are meant to epitomize an authentic Spaghetti Western production, using all of the devices and conventions of the genre, apart from being American made in the Mojave rather than international co-productions from the deserts of Spain. The characters are grimy, their morals askew and their skills surreal. The locations are desolate, the wardrobes are weathered and the gun smoke is real. The film is grainy, the colors are drab and the sound is slightly off. These are the tropes of the Spaghetti Western... and this is our passion.

We have produced this independent short film to clearly illustrate the type of feature film we intend to deliver.

Colonel Leviathan Briggs

A once celebrated Union officer, Colonel Leviathan Briggs found himself without purpose, or sanity, after the surrender of the Confederacy. With a maniacal fervor the grizzled Leviathan leads a lawless band of grave robbers across the High Desert, desecrating fallen soldiers in search of buried treasure. Chasing the ghost of his former glory, Leviathan will stop at nothing to satisfy his lust for wealth and power.

Weapons of Choice
Leviathan carries an 1873 lever-action rifle.

Archimedes of Syracuse

A master gunfighter wandering the Southwest territories by way of New York, Archimedes was compelled to leave Syracuse due to an unfortunate accident that befell several patrons near his person in a local saloon. Although by no means a saint he often shows a soft spot for the down trodden and has proven to be an unexpected counterweight in many a dispute where justice was outgunned.

Weapons of Choice
Archimedes carries dual 1873 Peacemakers butt down in horizontal holsters around his waist in addition to an 1851 Navy slung low on his right hip.

Dutch Holland

A European fur trader who returned from an expedition only to find his young Paiute wife viciously murdered by a wanted outlaw. Dutch promptly traded his traps and Bowie for .45 caliber Long Colt cartridges and soon became one of the most feared bounty killers in eleven counties. A cultural curiosity wherever he goes, Dutch struggles to preserve the foreign elegance of his homeland against the uncivilized backdrop of the American Southwest.

Weapons of Choice
Dutch carries an ivory gripped Single Action Army in a cross-draw holster.

Shoot In Any Direction And You'll Hit A Bastard
Nevermind your moral compass

A deranged Union officer tracks an infamous gunfighter to recover a fistful of dollars. Not even the territory’s most ruthless bounty killer can stop the mad Colonel’s bloody trail through the American Southwest.
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Fist Of Guanto
A one man, one hand, army

Mutilated and left for dead by outlaws, a reclusive gravedigger awakens to find his dismembered hand replaced by a fantastic weapon. He roams the American Southwest seeking vengeance… and his fingers.
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