Shoot in Any Direction and You'll Hit a Bastard

Several years after the Civil War Colonel Leviathan Briggs, an unscrupulous and unhinged union officer, continues a maniacal search for five hundred dollars that has spanned many miles, many months and many hands. Searching for answers Leviathan seeks council with eccentric European bounty killer Dutch Holland, a former fur trader who uses playing cards to mark his bounties and seal their fate. Ultimately the unrelenting Colonel must comb the Mojave Desert in search of the infamous gunfighter, Archimedes of Syracuse, who is already awaiting his arrival, waiting for his rival. What transpires next is an epic duel of sharp wits and astonishing gunplay where an uncanny visitation turns the tables, leaving one man with a fistful of dollars to pay for the other mans funeral.

Written and Directed by Brahm Taylor, SHOOT IN ANY DIRECTION AND YOU'LL HIT A BASTARD is produced by John Gjonola and Brahm Taylor. SHOOT IN ANY DIRECTION AND YOU'LL HIT A BASTARD will be screening at film festivals winter of 2016.