Set in the American Southwest several years after the Civil War, FIST OF GUANTO tells the story of a reclusive gravedigger who unknowingly leads three sadistic outlaws to a fallen soldier buried with thousands of U.S. banknotes. The barbarous Ramón Roman, the mysterious Crimson 41 and the opium-riddled Eldritch Cain ambush the sexton, cutting off each of his fingers and leaving him for dead. A wandering gunfighter, Archimedes of Syracuse, discovers the unconscious gravedigger and calls upon his old friend "The Surgeon General" to perform a miracle. The transformed “Guanto” awakens to find his mutilated hand replaced by an iron gauntlet that can shoot bullets from its fingertips.

With his fantastic weapon in tow, Guanto sets out across the desert wasteland seeking revenge… and his severed fingers. Throughout his journey Guanto is joined by his rescuer Archimedes, as well as Marionette, the enchanting proprietor of the El Bardo saloon who harbors a treacherous secret.

Guanto’s journey ultimately leads him to the enigmatic Colonel Leviathan Briggs, a battle-scarred veteran who may not be what he appears. Unraveling the mystery of his fate, Guanto exacts bloody vengeance upon his enemies at the risk of sacrificing his closest allies.

Written and Directed by Brahm Taylor, FIST OF GUANTO is to be produced by John Gjonola and Brahm Taylor with executive producers to be announced.